MNA has a legacy of delivering brilliant client service. We make a promise to over 50 corporates – delivering their exact needs and representing the highest caliber of executive, corporate and healthcare professionals

 At MNA we honor our commitments. Across our firm we are united in our passion to provide you and every client we serve with a consistent, high-quality, high-value and engaging experience with each interaction. Our colleagues are employed by MNA, but they work with you, for you.



At our core our industry qualified and highly trained agents are problem-solvers and solution builders on the increasingly complex topics of risk and people. We bring a broad perspective and deep expertise. It all starts by listening to your biggest challenges and understanding your unique needs.

This uncompromising commitment is the foundation of the MNA client promise. In its simplest terms, the MNA Client Promise defines the way we work together, what you can expect from us, and the value we will deliver. We will provide the talent, caliber and cultural fit your business requires, or we do not provide at all. When we say commitment, we mean it in a very literal sense – to us this is the beginning of a long term relationship!