Switch on your People Power!

MNA is a savvy, twenty-first century recruitment business that speaks with genuine enthusiasm about the power of creating one’s own destiny. MNA Recruitment is among the most visible and successful recruitment professionals in the country and placement production ranks the company among the top recruitment agencies in South Africa

After 14 years of building the MNA Company into one of the most recognized and respected executive recruitment companies in the Nation, leading global businesses recruited MNA to lead their expansion into the South African market.



At the core of our brand lies ‘Create. Your. Future.’ our longstanding motto represented and our promise to our clients and candidates.

These words describe the passion and expertise that we set out to demonstrate every day, delivering a unique combination of unrivalled recruitment know-how along with a personalised and thoughtful service experience that exudes MNA style and sophistication.


MNA is one of South Africa’s leading executive recruitment agencies serving a niche base of customers a year, placing candidates.

Instantly recognisable, our brand has won countless appraisals and has been voted in the top 3 agencies by our clients in 2015. So we are living to our brand promise by creating our solid future
‘Create. Your. Future.’