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There is a quote from John Lennon that has always resonated with me:
“They asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life…”

I am really happy and blessed that I am in a position to say that I absolutely love my life and my career.  I am a mother and a wife, with humble beginnings in a small town in northern KZN.

I have a background in pharmaceutical sales & management and have won various Regional and National Sales Awards throughout my career.

As passionate as I am about my family and my career, I am also a keen cook and quite fanatical about nutrition – I believe people should take grater care of what they put in their bodies and like to eat as little processed food as possible. As I love cooking I love entertaining family and friends at home – I also have a passion for photography, design and art. I meditate often and spend a lot of time focusing on a positive outlook – being very conscious of the energy I surround myself with.  Energy is the cure for the ailing business, the battered leader, the negative leadership team and the “sick” and “tired” morale and culture..

I spend a lot of time talking to business leaders and I find it compelling how many morale and productivity issues they are faced with. My team and I work closely with a highly respected life and wellness coach as I believe that if our people are doing well, our business will do well! We constantly receive wonderful feedback of how tangible our energy and outlook is when we deal with our clients and candidates. Please feel free to read more about Sharon and her work here

When it comes to MNA I am driven and perfectionist by nature. I have such a passion for MNA and the level of service and commitment to meeting our customer demands.

I am a strategic thinker with a vast skill set – working with leading healthcare, finance and corporate companies my wish is to put the “heart and compassion” back into the corporate world. After all, we are people dealing with people. Not resumes.

My wish is to see people exceed in all aspects of life, and I love helping people make a career move that brings them joy, contentment and the opportunity to improve their lives. This is also my greatest motivation: helping others be the best they can be- professionally & personally. To me success is not measured in the amount of money we make, but the amount of lives we impact. So go on… Create Your Future. Live Your Dream